Sampo Engineering, Inc. offers a wide variety of professional services from the ground up. Many projects begin with planning studies and exhibits followed by topography and boundary surveys and the design and preparation of grading and improvement plans. Other projects warrant road, highway and utilities design, construction surveying and staking and the preparation of storm water quality plans and reports that meet state and local standards. Sampo Engineering provides these services and more along with plan processing and client support needed to obtain construction permits.

Includes engineering design, plan preparation in CAD form, processing to permit issuance and construction support.

  • ADA Compliant Plans
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Improvements Plans
  • Public Works
  • Sewer, Water and Storm Drain
  • Erosion Control
  • Storm Water Quality
  • SWPPP, WQTR and SWMP Reports
  • Consultation

Includes map research, calculations, interpretation of deeds and legal descriptions, compiling and analyzing field data and setting monuments.

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Property Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Staking
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Public Land Surveys
  • Story Pole Surveys
  • Well Monitoring Surveys

Involves calculations, preparation of maps and plats in CAD form, and processing the maps with the County Recorder’s Office to recordation.

  • Topographic Maps
  • Subdivision and Parcel Maps
  • Boundary Adjustments
  • Records of Surveys
  • Corner Records
  • Easement Legal Descriptions and Plats
  • Street Dedications

Involves zoning research, coordination with municipalities and utility districts, calculations and the preparation of conceptual studies.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Exhibits
  • Tentative Maps
  • Planning Studies
  • Discretionary Processes
  • Slope Analysis