Sun Harbor Marina, San Diego, CA


Engineer of Work for the Redevelopment of the Sun Harbor Marina and Public Improvements for North Harbor Drive.

New private and public improvements included a Marina Store, Administration Building, Storage Rental Units, Restrooms and Showers, a Pizza Nova Restaurant, asphalt and concrete parking lots, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, storm drain, water, sewer, fire and dry utilities to all new buildings and the boat slips.

Services included performing topographic surveys of a portion of North Harbor Drive and the project site, preparing and processing Public Improvement Plans for North Harbor Drive, Grading Plans, Erosion Control and BMP Plans and Private Improvement Plans. The plans and documents were submitted and processed with the San Diego Unified Port District and the City of San Diego to permit issuance.

Performed construction inspections and certification surveys, and provided construction support to the Contractor throughout the course of the project.