Doti Point Subdivision, San Diego, CA


Engineer of Work for the design and preparation of a grading plan for a fifteen lot subdivision including private and public improvements. The construction project is located in San Diego County, City of San Diego, and is located at the end of Doti Point Drive cul-de-sac, between Doriana Street and Woodman Street in the RS-1-7 zone of the Skyline-Paradise Hills Community Planning area. The Doti Point Views Project consists of a fifteen lot subdivision for the construction of fourteen 1 and 2 story single-family homes and one park site/non-buildable easement lot. The project site is located in the National City Hydrologic Subarea (Hydrologic Unit 908.3) of the Pueblo Watershed and drains southwesterly. Engineer of Work duties include:

  • Preparation of hydrology and storm water quality report.
  • Submission and processing with the City of San Diego.
  • Providing construction support and prepared certifications.